Our Methodology



Our iRx products USP of Zero investment and Zero to Minimum behaviour change enables highest adaptability amongst Doctors and his staff.



Our supportive business model of NO COST continuous supply of consumables and time to time technology enhancements, motivates user to continue on iRx platform for longer period.



Our integrated technologies enhances operational efficiency of doctors and staff members, empowers them with efficient time spent on patient interaction.



Our Online - Offline scalable technology supports Doctors and his eco system partners to practice and service patients beyond geography limits as desired.

Our Vision

The absence of accurate, complete and comprehensive data in healthcare is a problem that requires immediate redress globally and so in an emerging superpower like India. While there have been attempts to address this gap, the solutions have been left wanting. Our iRx Care integrated platform not just enables users to create Digital Health records with zero or minimal behaviour change but also connects and brings down patient treatment information, data and transactions all at one single point... The need of today and future.